What are your 2017 Goals?

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Originally I had been planning to do a “Goodbye 2016” post but I though that would just be a lot of ranting and talk about how much of a genuinely awful year this has been. Not just for the multitude of Actors and Performers that we lost this year; Debbie Reynolds  passing one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, had me in tears last night as did Alan Rickman and Sir Terry Wogan’s passing earlier in the year. But Politically it’s been appalling! Not to mention, on May 1st this year, the Fort McMurray disaster happened!

SO! Instead I’m talking about goals and things that I really want to achieve in 2017! as far as my blogging is concerned, 2016 was great! My instagram following went up as did my instagram engagement, my blog traffic went up and after I rebranded my blog from MapleSyrupandTeacups (Blogger) to Scotch & Stilettos (WordPress) I saw my subscribers increase too. I started to meet some amazing Vancouver Blogging Ladies this year after I attended my first ever Blogger event this Christmas. I want to keep this going and grow even more in 2017.

I have so much that I want Scotch & Stilettos to become, I want it to be a place that people can find fun, affordable and wearable style inspiration, I want it to also be a place that anyone who is dealing with being bullied can find hope that things do and will get better, I want it to be a place where anyone suffering with anxiety can find some useful information on how best to manage their anxiety.

So here are my goals for 2017:

1. Get my Stomach issues under control so that I can fully enjoy my life!
2. Get my Anxiety under control so that I can fully enjoy life!
3. Save for some awesome vacations with my Husband!
4. Stop worrying so much about what other people think of me.
5. Read a book a month!
6. Get back out with my DSLR and start taking my night photography again!
7. Go to the Cinema once a month (there are some awesome-looking movies coming out in 2017!!)
8. Cut back on Sugar (in everything – even those nasty hidden sugars)
9. Get my Condo looking great! I have plenty of pinterest ideas lol
10. Get my Instagram to 10K followers!
11. Create epic Blog content!

So those are just a few of my goals for 2017! What are your goals for 2017? Let me know in the comments below! Have a Wonderful and Safe New Year’s Eve and I’ll see you next week!

xoxo Ellie

10 Days of Glam-Mas: Blush tulle and nautical stripes






It’s the final day of my 10 Days of Glam-Mas series!! I can’t believe that it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow! I cannot thank you enough for reading along on this series for the past month, I wanted to do something new and different and had never created a series on my blog before but your comments have been wonderful to read!

So for my final Glam-Mas post, I chose this stunning tulle skirt!! I LOVE a good tulle skirt and Space46boutique and Bliss Tulle make the best out there! As I’m sure you can tell from my hair in these photos, they were taken a while ago but I never really found the right time or way to post them. It fitted right in with my 10 Days of Glam-Mas series so if you love a good flouncy tulle skirt and want to add a little Carrie Bradshaw flair to your wardrobe then these skirts are definitely the skirts you’re looking for (Rogue One is out and I had to get a sneaky Star Wars reference in there lol).

Have a Wonderful Christmas or Holiday Season and I will see you before NYE!

Marry Christmas!
xoxo Ellie

10 Days of Glam-Mas: Red Lace dress


Everyone always talks about the importance of having a classic, chic little black dress in their closet, and while I do own a couple of LBD’s myself, I would say that a great little red dress is a closet must-have!! Red is fun, flirty, it’s fierce, it’s sexy, the colour of power, of passion and perfect for the Festive Holiday season!

Here are a few of my favourite red dresses for a fabulous Holiday party showstopper!

Chicwish | Chi Chi London | Chi Chi London | Nordstrom | Eliza J | Coast UK

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

xoxo Ellie

The 10 Days of Glam-Mas: Prom Style chi chi London dress


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Chi Chi London “Amber” Dress

Not every Holiday Party will require sparkles and sequins and that may not be your taste to look like you’re trying to rival the disco ball on the dance floor! Earlier this year I discovered an online store that sells beautiful Prom style and full/ fit & flare style dresses… everything I love in a dress! This particular dress I’m wearing, I had seen on many other bloggers and loved it! Admittedly I do wear this for work, I pair it with smart shoes and a tailored blazer but with a great pair of killer heels it’s a perfect party dress! Better still, it’s on sale for just $58 CAD now! If you’re style is more demure and you like the 50’s prom fit & flare look for a party then this dress/ online store might be just what you’re looking for!

Happy Monday!
xoxo Ellie

10 Days of Glam-Mas: Life of the Party(Skirts)


If there’s one thing that I LOVE to wear for a good Party (ok, let’s be real here… for any day!) It’s a PartySkirt. A couple of years ago I was kicking myself for not grabbing the Red Apple PartySkirt for Fall and it sold out, SO I was so happy when The Dragon Red PartySkirt was released this past March as part of the Spring/ Summer collection (btw it’s now on sale at over 50%off!! – grab them while you can!) I actually didn’t have any black skirts but really, every woman should have one in her closet that she can grab to look chic for any occasion, again this unbelievably cute black PartySkirt is on a huge sale rihgt now and comes in 2 lengths: Ladylength (Midi) and Classic (Pictured).

The great thing about these skirts is how versatile they are! I have them on with sweaters and nylons, you can wear them however you like to suit your style! (They look amazing with a little leather moto jacket) And let’s be real here, who doesn’t love a great skirt that always looks amazing and you can wear throughout the seasons!?

Happy Friday Everyone!
xoxo Ellie

The 10 Days of Glam-Mas: Gold Sequins

Not every party this season is going to call for a full on glam, over the top look, some parties may be held during the daytime and require a dressed-down but still chic look. OTK boots and a few sequins are perfect for this! The Boots are the absolute best thing to wear for so many different events & occasions; they’re smart, glam, cool and edgy all in one so whatever your style is, these will probably fit the bill and even better they’re under $250!!

To really make this look a little more “rock-chick” pair it with a pair of leather-look leggings, the faux-leather look and feel is great for adding a little more glam to your everyday look and trust me, this is a look that I’ll wear on the weekend as well as for a casual party setting! I like to soften all the black “edginess” with a gold sequined sweater that’s a little longer and a little more loose fitting, skin-tight head to toe is not really my thing so to offset all the black tight pants and otk glam going on a pretty, feminine gold sweater is perfect for the Holiday season.

If you’re in Canada right now, on either coast, then you know it’s freezing outside!! We actually have snow here in Vancouver (it’s not just frozen in to huge mounds of ice tbh) but keeping warm and still looking chic is a gal’s prerogative! Go for a coat that will see you through several seasons and I’ve been wearing this one non-stop since I got it from H&M in October (I’ve had it cleaned a few times, don’t worry lol) but it is so warm and cozy and looks smart at work and chic all the time!

Would you wear a more casual look like this for a Holiday party? What’s your favourite thing to wear to a party? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you next time!
xoxo Ellie

10 Days of Glam-Mas: Winter Green PartySkirt

If y’all have been following my blogging adventures for a while now then you’ll know that my favourite brand is a local one from Vancouver called PartySkirts by Lauren & Mariel. No Winter Party Season could possibly be complete without one of these gorgeous silk taffeta creations! This was actually the 2nd skirt from PartySkirts that I bought… and honestly these skirts are so fun for Dressing up or wearing during the daytime with nylons (in Winter) or with a great pair of Keds in Summer. 
I wanted to make this a little more of a cozy look so I paired it with the soft white sweater from RW&CO, normally I’d wear these skirts with a fitted top but the temperatures are dropping and I love the soft, comfortable vibe that this sweater gives it, the little details like the bow in the back of the sweater give it another element of femininity. 
What is your favourite, go-to item for a Holiday Party?
Happy Monday everyone!
xoxo Ellie